Fern Leaves

The Mission

As we birth a New Earth the Ancient Light Warriors have descended to assist with Mama Tara’s Ascension into 5th Dimensional and Higher Consciousness! 


Warriors of Light is a council of Starseeds that are here to assist with the dismantling of old programming's, ideologies, and systematic oppression that has kept Mama Tara locked in a 3rd Dimensional state of consciousness. We are returning back to SPIRIT. Warriors of Light was a guided vision given in a dream state by the Divine Mother. This vision was to gather women of all diversity to teach, empower and activate our highest potential and wisdom. We are all Warriors of Light and together as a Collective we are changing and healing the timelines that have kept Humanity locked in limited awareness. We are bridging our ancient wisdom here on Planet Tara so we may unitize our God Creator power and magic in this Spiritual Revolution. 


Our mission is to return the Divine Mother within the grid of creation by returning her ancient wisdom back upon humanity. We all hold this grid of new creation within our cells and DNA and we are using our Soul Purpose to ground a New World based on Oneness, Unity, Love, Equality and most importantly SPIRIT.