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As we close off one of the most epic Summers of transmutation and transformation we enter into the Divine Womb of Fall/Winter. 2020 came through and dismantled an old paradigm, system and programming; that same dismantling happened within each of us. Now as we enter a new time in Creation, we are remembering the Sacred Wisdom of our bodies and how they can propel us into new realities by the ancient codes they carry. The Womb in everyone is the Portal. The Gateway. It is governed by Mama Yemoya; WATAH. The Divine Mother is now going deeper in her activations to show us how to use this sacred energy of the womb to now create our timelines deliberately and powerfully. Join us, the Warriors of Light, as we speak to the sacredness of Womb power. We will activate with Light Language, Sacred Wisdom and Ancestral Teachings the dormant Soul codes within your womb for optimal creation, power and magic! 


Watah Webinar

Thank you for your support! Upon receipt of donation, you will be registered for the receipt of the REPLAY of the Webinar - WATAH.  The sharing of energy is sacred reciprocity, a reminder of the most sacred relationship of all - between You and the Earth, the Water, the Air and the Fire. A deep bow from one creator to another.

The LIVE Webinar registration closed as of Friday Sept. 18 at 11:11AM EST. The REPLAY will be made available 6 days after the webinar.